Bachelor of Environmental Management and Sustainability Technology with Honours

Environmental management is a practical approach that seeks out effective methods to save energy, water and other resources while also limiting the negative affect that humans have on the environment. Malaysia's businesses are urged to accelerate green initiatives that will lead to a low carbon and circular economy.  There is an observable trend among employers to prioritise the recruitment of graduates who not only possess technical proficiency but also exhibit adeptness in efficiently and effectively managing business operations.  These individuals play a crucial role in supervising and administering activities carried out by both public and private organisations to address sustainability issues. 

The Bachelor in Environmental Management and Sustainability Technology with Honours (BEMST) programme is the outcome of a partnership between two campuses of UniKL, namely the Malaysian Institute of Chemical and the Bioengineering Technology (MICET) and Business School (UBIS). The programme is characterised by its interdisciplinary nature, incorporating elements of environmental management, sustainable technology, and business administration.  The programme is designed to be conducted at both UniKL campuses, with a duration of two years at UniKL MICET in Melaka and an additional year at UniKL UBIS in Kuala Lumpur. The programme is additionally integrated with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme, allowing for the transfer of credits for 30% of the subjects taught during the third year.  This initiative will offer a robust framework for graduates to successfully pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies within a timeframe of four and a half years. 

BEMST engages in academic-industry collaboration as part of its academic activitiesThis initiative aims to provide university students with practical exposure to the professional environment while they are actively pursuing their academic studiesBEMST students will acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to proficiently navigate the workplace environment. BEMST students are also given the option to pursue one of the three professional certifications: Lead Auditor in SIRIM Integrated Management System of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001; EiMAS CePSWAM; and Corporate Sustainability by BCSDM. 

Entry Requirements

• Pass STPM or its equivalent with at least Grade C (NGMP 2.00) in TWO (2) subjects; OR
• Pass Matriculation / Foundation in any IPTA/IPTS/permitted institution to conduct foundation programmes with CGPA 2.00; OR
• Pass Diploma in related disciplines with CGPA 2.00; OR
• Pass Advanced Diploma in related disciplines with CGPA 2.0; OR
• Pass STAM (Grade Jayyid) or its equivalent; OR
• Others recognized qualifications or its equivalent.

SDG Initiatives

Acid Sulphate Soil

On June 28, 2023, Gelamekar Sdn Bhd and UniKL signed a letter of intent.  This is intended to enhance collaboration for 
sustainable revitalization of acid sulphate soil through gelam permaculture.  
Acid sulfate soils are found throughout the world. Approximately 6.5 million hectares are reported to occur in Asia, 4.5 million in Africa, 3 million in Australia, 3 million in Latin America, 200,000 in Finland, 235,000 in Sweden and 100,000 in North America.

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